Board member honored, goals set, and company re-structuring approved at annual board of directors retreat

  At the annual board of director’s retreat yesterday, Mr. Richard Gooding was honored for his dedication to WSC by serving on the board of directors for nearly three decades.  Mr. Gooding commented that it was time to step down to make room for new faces with new ideas who can invigorate the company to achieve even better success.  Mr. Gooding has a passion for our mission and the WSC family is grateful for his contributions. In addition to accomplishing normal business, the board identified three goals for the company and ended their retreat with a tour of the new headquarter facility.  The goals that were set bring focus to the operation and help set corporate priorities.  The three goals include increasing both internal and external job opportunities, reducing our dependence on our largest contract by expanding smaller lines of business or starting new lines of business, and becoming more involved in enabling our employees with disabilities to achieve independence and reach their full potential. Alongside new goals set, the CEO of WSC received formal approval from the board of directors to overhaul the company structure.  The initiative involves re-aligning management to increase effectiveness and help the company achieve its goals.  The initiative also includes the addition of three key staff positions which can be found on the WSC job posting page. “With the acquisition of a new facility this summer and the internal re-structuring effort, WSC is posturing for growth.  It is an exciting change that will benefit our customers, our employees, the local economy, and especially the people with disabilities we serve” –David Toogood, CEO The majority of the re-organization is scheduled to be complete by the end of the Summer.