Document Destruction

Are you running out of storage space in your office?  Have you considered document destruction (document shredding)?

Document destruction (document shredding) is a NAID AAA Certified service that has been added to WSC’s File Safe Document Services division.  Every business collects and maintains sensitive information. Many businesses are starting to store data electronically or on the cloud, however, some businesses still store paper files. These paper files are more than likely taking up needed space in your office.

Documents that should be shredded are:

Secure documents may vary, but every business has these documents.

Step-By-Step Process

A uniformed, security trained WSC employee who has passed a Federal background check handles your documents throughout the entire process.

One Time Shredding

Shredding to Go


Document destruction (document shredding) can also be an add-on to your File Safe Document Conversion service.


 Secure bins Document Destruction

Let us help you with your document destruction needs. Call for a quote today.



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