File Safe Document Conversion Services

Is your office littered with stacks of paperwork taking up the space you need?
Are you tired of wasting valuable time looking for information you need now?
Wouldn’t it be nice to have all your documents available at your fingertips wherever you need them?

…with File Safe, we can help you achieve those things.




Our Process



Get us your documents the way that works best for you.  Drop them off at our facility, arrange for secure pickup, or even see if your site is right for on-site processing.  Our facility is located at 1343 Hatton Rd, Wichita Falls, Texas 76302.



Securing your documents is priority.  All documents are placed in boxes, sealed, and inventoried.  Boxes are then locked in our vehicle and transported directly to our secure facility without making any other stops.  Boxes are then transferred directly into our secure staging area where they are once again inventoried.  Physical security includes gated access, digital access control for authorized personnel only, monitored intrusion detection, and video surveillance.


Once your files are in our highly secured area, your physical documents are prepared for scanning. Preparation includes removal of staples, paper clips, or other binding.  In addition, folds, tears, and wrinkles are corrected to restore the original to the best possible condition prior to reproduction.

Indexing and Scanning

Prepared originals are then organized for sorting and indexing according to your needs.  Keep in mind that the more complex the indexing, the higher the cost.

Scanning is accomplished by a technician to ensure each image is straight, readable, and an exact image of the paper copy. No shortcuts are taken and if something does not look perfect, the document will then be re-scanned. Images are saved using your designated naming convention.


Digital files are returned to you on disk, hard drive, thumb drive or any other type of common format you desire.  We can also upload all your documents to the cloud so you can access them anywhere you want at any time.  Our cloud service is provided by DOMA Technologies.


Original Disposition

Your originals can then be returned, securely destroyed, or warehoused.


Pricing for our services is set up as a per page rate with an add-on cost for document pick-up.  Factors that affect the per page rate include the following:

The File Safe team will produce a sample and a quote for our document scanning and document conversion services.  For a free estimate contact: