Recruiting People with Disabilities

Many companies, organizations, and agencies have a desire to recruit people with disabilities, but don’t know how to do it. For WSC, that is our charter. We can post jobs, find and recruit applicants, and then match qualified candidates to your organization. These services are provided at absolutely no cost to employers.

According to a 2015 report*, only 34.4% of U.S. civilians with disabilities between the ages of 18-64 were employed. That percentage is compared to 75.4% for people without disabilities. Although some may assume these statistics suggest that people with disabilities are less capable of sustaining employment, WSC believes the opposite is true. In fact, we believe that once the right person with a disability is placed in the right job, they will have more pride in their work. This individual can then become one of the most dedicated and productive employees of all. It is a phenomenon we see over and over again. This is surprising to even the most pessimistic of employers. We encourage all employers to actively seek people with disabilities not only to right the disproportionate employment statistic, but also to enrich their workforce with people full of heart, dedication, and pride.

Please visit our Careers tab to see where your jobs will be posted and to learn more about how we recruit people with disabilities and integrate them into the workplace.

If you are interested in hiring exceptional employees with disabilities, please contact our human services department.

*Kraus, Lewis. (2015). 2015 Disability Statistics Annual Report. Durham, NH: University of New Hampshire.

Michelle Kilman

Employment Support Specialist