WSC and The United Way Partnership in VITA Program

Work Services Corporation and The United Way partnered this year to assist in making the VITA Program a success for 2017. The VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) Program is a program through the United Way that offers free tax return preparation for individuals that qualify. The VITA location for Wichita Falls was located at WSC’s facilities on Armory Road and included the employment of some of WSC’s staff. This program and the ability for WSC’s employees to use it, aided in the mission of WSC to help people with disabilities achieve personal growth and independence.

Genevieve Anderson, the VITA Program Director, has shared the phenomenal stats indicating the program’s success and what this program does, not only for the individual client, but clearly the positive impact on our community as a whole.

Below are the end of April 2017 Stats indicating the success of the VITA Program (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance).

  • Number of People Served in the Wichita Falls Community:  3,150 Clients
  • Total amount of Refunds:  $4,137,917.00
    • Of these refunds $1,513,357.00 was Earned Income Credit (tax credit to the low-income community)
  • Total dollars saved/put back into the community: $4,624,146.00
  • Prep Fees Saved: $486,229.00
  • The program served over 3,150 clients with a total of 3,064 completed federal returns.