WSC Announces New Board Members

WSC Announces New Board Members

WSC has added three new members to our Board of Directors. These new members are: Jack Browne, Ken Dowdy, and Felice Baird.

Read below for their self-introductions and their thoughts about serving on the WSC Board of Directors.


Jack Browne

“Today I am President and CEO of Profit Ramp,, a sales & marketing company helping business owners improve profitability. Proven tools & processes increase the results by connecting the conservative business owner and optimistic sales team with proven methodologies. Coaching, Sales Management, and other Custom services are available. Profit Ramp leverages my 35 years of sales and marketing of high technology products to companies across the globe.

I am excited to be part of Work Services Corporations mission to serve those with disabilities in communities in Texas and Oklahoma where our employees competitively deliver exceptional products, services and solutions to federal, state, local governments as well as commercial customers.”


Ken Dowdy

“While working with Dave Toogood and Jerry Bettenhausen on the recent renovation of the new home of WSC, I quickly grew to admire the values of this organization and appreciate the good deeds it brings to our community.  First by offering employment opportunities to people with disabilities, and second by offering excellent service to the people in our region. WSC leads with a progressive vision that supports a worthy mission.  I quickly knew that I wanted to be a part of this effort and am truly honored to have the opportunity to serve on the WSC Board of Directors.

I am a native of Wichita Falls, a Texas A&M graduate, and an architect employed with BYSP architects for the past 16 years. I also serve on the board of directors for the Children’s Aid Society as well as the Texas Society of Architects and am in the process of becoming a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Wichita Falls. My lovely wife Marianne and I are raising three beautiful teenage daughters. I enjoy being with my family, running, and other outdoor activities.


I look forward to helping WSC grow into our new home and continue to achieve the goals of our mission.”


Felice Baird –

“I was raised in Austin, Texas, and graduated from Texas A&M University.  Originally in the dairy business, my family started a milk cooperative and transportation business in 1996 with 3 cooperative members and 1 truck.  Over the years our transportation division has grown into a fleet of about 150 trucks, and at this time we primarily service Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

I am married with 5 kids, 2 in college and 3 in high school.

I believe in the mission of Work Services Corporation to serve a segment of our population that I think is widely overlooked and often undervalued.  I only hope I can be of some support and assistance to the organization and it’s already successful leadership team and board of directors.”