WSC Employee Completes HVAC Program With the Help of WSC’s Tuition Assistance Program

Great News!

Ricky, a WSC employee and a tractor operator at WSC’s Fort Sill contract, has completed the 84 hour requirement in HVAC, Level II from Great Plains Tech Center. He received tuition assistance from WSC to help him reach this educational goal.

Ricky has been interested in the HVAC program offered at Great Plains Tech School for a while and finally decided to jump in and go for it! It is always a little scary to make the commitment to work full time AND go to school AND pass, but Ricky did all those things and did them well!

The purpose of the tuition assistance program is to increase the job potential of employees by providing financial assistance for continuing education. WSC pays tuition costs and books and fees are paid for by the employee. This is a great partnership between WSC and employees that is mutually beneficial to employees and WSC. The employees get help with the rising costs of tuition and WSC has the opportunity through employees’ increased education to introduce new skills to the company. There are certain eligibility and commitment requirements for the tuition assistance program.

Congratulations to Ricky for his accomplishment!