WSC makes move to new Hatton Road home


WSC's new facility

This past week Work Services Corporation made their highly anticipated and long awaited move to their new headquarters on Hatton Road. The facility, previously owned by USPS, closed in early 2011 and was vacant until WSC claimed it in 2015. Since then, WSC with the help of BYSP Architects, Anthony Inman construction, and C&I Electronics has been transforming the facility into a state-of-the-art office and manufacturing facility.

Totaling 75,000 square feet, the facility is split between a 40,000 square foot manufacturing warehouse and 35,000 square feet of office space; but that’s not all. Work Services went even further, providing a fully operational kitchen, outdoor athletic court, employee fitness room, art studio, and meditation room.  Although these may seem like luxuries, they were incorporated to improve the quality of life and to accommodate a number of physical and intellectual disabilities.

Entering the building you are met in the lobby by the one-of-a-kind tandem recumbent bike used by WSC employees at this year’s Hotter’N Hell 100, along with a sign commemorating the event. While walking though the facility a wall collage of WSC employees greets you anmurald transparent, open office spaces become apparent; a theme that is no accident. An open cafeteria area sits cozy in the middle of the building with a glass wall looking out to Kickapoo airport’s runway, and another looking out into the massive 40,000 warehouse.

With the move being less than a week old, manufacturing has yet to make the transition but will in the next couple weeks.  Office operations have, however, made the full transition, and are now in full swing.  With that, an opening celebration, which will be open to the public, is planned to take place on January the 12th.